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Logan County

Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)

Logan County Citizens:

What is the Logan County MRC?

The Logan County MRC was established to promote public health and safety in Logan County. It’s three focus areas include: 

Public Health Emergencies: events that threaten public health, such as disease outbreak and toxic chemical release, that would purport the dissemination of medication or personal protective equipment  and or epidemiological investigation.

Mass Casualty Incidents: diseases that cause injury or threats to a large percentage of the population, including but not limited to building collapse, fire, storm, flood, or other event that displaces groups of residents from homes to emergency shelters.

Community Service Activities (Public Health Functions): opportunities to improve the well-being and health of local residents. Such as health fairs, educational outreach, blood pressure screenings or training programs.

What is the Mission of the Logan County MRC?

The Mission of the Logan County MRC is consistent with the National MRC Mission. The Logan County MRC adopted the following Mission in May of 2007:

“Volunteers building a strong, healthy, and prepared community.”

The broad  mission of the Logan County MRC is to establish and maintain teams of active and retired medical and non-medical professionals to serve the citizens of Logan County, augmenting LCDPH functions during times of local or countywide public health emergencies and contributing to educational and preventative services for improved community public health infrastructure throughout the year. The Logan County MRC provides additional assistance and relief to emergency partners in Logan County.

What is the Vision of the Logan County MRC?

The Logan County MRC adopted the following vision in July of 2010:

“Maintain a cadre of medical and non-medical volunteers to ensure a safe and professional response to public health disasters.” 

Who Can Volunteer?

Anyone! MRC volunteers include medical and public health professionals, such as physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, veterinarians, and epidemiologists.  Also, MRC volunteers can be non-medical. These volunteers fill vital roles in the case of a disaster.

A local disaster requires a community response.  To learn more about the MRC in Logan County, please view/download the following:

To join the Logan County Medical Reserve Corps, go to complete an application at:

You will need Adobe Reader to view/download the above documents.  If you do not have the latest version of Adobe Reader, please download it free by clicking on the picture below: 

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